A Wide Range Of Urgent Care Services

My Urgent Care Clinic in Abilene, Texas offers the convenience of a full-service urgent care center with the small-town feel of a local establishment. Nurse practitioner Kelly Fussell and the team of expert providers at the hybrid urgent care and emergency medicine facility all belong to the community and treat each patient with the warmth and kindness of a neighbor.


Exam+ RX
Antigen SARS
Covid Travel
Flu Strep

Breathing Treatments
Eye Exams
TB Test
Wound Care
Foreign Body
Blood Pressure
IM Injections
Toenail Removal
GYN Exam


Student Physical with EKG

Student Physical without EKG

Adult Physical (Routine)

DOT Physicals

Alcohol Breathalyzer

Drug Screens

B12 Injections

Skinny Shots

IV Hydration

Xeomin Injections

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program



Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Liver Panel

Glucose Check


We understand that some employers may already have an established treatment center for their employees in the chance that they are injured while on the job. We are here to let you know that we do accept new workers’ compensation injuries.

We work with businesses one on one to determine how we can better serve their employees during time of need.  If we aren’t currently in network with your worker’s comp plan, we will work diligently to become credentialed in the necessary requirements to make everything a smooth process during the time of service.

Don’t offer worker’s comp insurance?  We can help by creating a fee schedule right for your business!

IV Hydration And Shots

IV hydration therapy can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. For example, patients who are dehydrated due to illness or exercise can quickly rehydrate with IV fluids, which can help them feel better and recover more quickly. IV hydration can also be helpful for patients who are suffering from hangovers, migraines, or other conditions that can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Additionally, IV hydration therapy can be used to deliver certain medications and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, allowing for faster and more effective absorption. At My Urgent Care Clinic, our medical professionals are highly trained in administering IV hydration therapy and can customize treatments to meet each patient’s unique needs.

In addition to IV hydration therapy, My Urgent Care Clinic also offers a range of shots that can provide quick relief for a variety of conditions. For example, B12 shots can help boost energy levels and improve mood, while vitamin D shots can help patients who are deficient in this important nutrient. Our clinic also offers flu shots, which can help protect patients from the flu during the flu season. Whether you’re suffering from dehydration, fatigue, or other medical conditions, My Urgent Care Clinic is here to provide the care and support you need to feel better as quickly as possible.

Basic Bag


1 Liter of normal saline with a multivitamin infusion. Treats simple dehydration.

Energy Bag


1 Liter of normal saline and B-Complex. Great for fatigue, lethargy, jetlag, or general malaise.

Cold & Flu Bag


1 Liter of normal saline, Vitamin C, and Zinc Infusion. Helps boost your immune system.

Hangover Bag


1 Liter of normal saline and B-Complex. *Must have provider sign for Toradol and Zofran*

Vitamin C Bag


1 Liter of normal saline with a high dose of Vitamin C Infusion. Great for skin and boosts the immune system.

Beauty Bag


Glutathione Infusion in Normal Saline. Great for anti-aging and anti-oxidant.

Build Your Own Bag

Starts at $99

1 Liter of Normal Saline is $99 only. See add-in options below. *All are given as a single agent.

Toradol – $20   |    Zofran – $15   |   Vitamin C – $20   |   Zinc – $20

Skinny Shot

$30 Or 4 For $100

Lipo C (Carnitine/MIC/B1/B5)-This shot helps boost your metabolism.

B-12 Shot


Glutathione Infusion in Normal Saline. Great for anti-aging and anti-oxidant.

Xeomin Shot

$10 Per Unit

Improves the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Can last between 3-6 months.

Weight Loss Program

Weight loss can bring about a number of positive changes in a person’s health and wellbeing. For starters, shedding excess weight can reduce the risk of developing various health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Weight loss can also improve physical mobility and reduce joint pain, as carrying less weight places less stress on the joints. Additionally, losing weight can lead to improved energy levels and better sleep quality. Lastly, weight loss can have a positive impact on one’s mental health and self-esteem, as achieving weight loss goals can boost confidence and improve body image. Overall, the benefits of weight loss can be significant and far-reaching, contributing to a healthier and happier lifestyle.



  • EKG
  • Fasting Labs
  • Vital Signs
  • Consultation & Health Evaluation
  • 30-day prescription of medication for those that qualify after health evaluation



  • Follow-up visit 1 month after your first visit
  • Consultation & follow-up assessment
  • Refill of 30-day prescription of medication for those that qualify after the followup health evaluation



  • Follow-up 1 month after your second visit
  • Consultation and followu-up assessment
  • Weight measured
  • Vital signs
  • Refill of 30-day medication for those that qualify after follow-up health evaluation
  • Will need to take a 3-month vacation from your medication before coming back.


B-12 Injection

$20 or 2 for $30

This is a vitamin injection which can be given once weekly to help promote energy and weight loss.

Skinny Shot

$30 or 4 for $100

This is a vitamin mix that aids in weight loss. It can be taken twice a week.


After you run out of your final prescription of medication, you will begin your medication holiday. This is a 3-month period of time where you need to take a break to allow your body to re-adjust to life without the medication. We hope you have been able to establish a diet/exercise routine to help with weight loss during this time. After you finish your medication holiday, you may restart the program.

No Appointments Necessary WALK-INS WELCOME!